March 15
Front Entrance Construction Begins

Reference: [1] 

June 11
Feed Room Construction Begins

Reference: [1] 

July 11
North Side Barns

Construction begins on 3 barns for paddocks 1-3

July 22
Front Parking Dirt Arrives

61 loads of dirt from the Publix turn lane were sold to SWFHR at a very low price

March 7
Back Paddock Construction Begins

Reference: [1]

March 20
Pond Construction Begins

Reference: [1] | [2]

November 6
Tack Room Construction

Work begins on the feed barn expansion room called the tack room.

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February 22
South Side Dirt

Dirt material for paddocks & barns arrive and are spread out.

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March 9
Sub Label
South Side Barns

Construction begins on South Side Barns.  Starting at paddock 4.

July 24
Cart Path Construction
Work begins spreading out Bank Run Shell, in the main parking lot and lead out to the fields. View Details
June 4
Barn Expansion

Construction of 2 more barns on the Pod Side in Paddock's 8 & 9

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