Visitation Policy

Our facility is always closed physically for the security and safety of the equines we care for.  Our main entrance is an access-controlled gate to which only volunteers and dignitary support individuals have access.  We would hope that no one helps themselves through our gates and people respect that if the gate is closed to not push or pull on it.  You will notice a signboard before the gates that explains a few things.  Most importantly if we are open or closed.  If the sign says closed then we are in fact closed.  Occasions come up that require our attention and that is the main reason why that sign is there.

Some topics that require your attention for all visitors:

Hydration: We highly suggest you bring something to drink. We can provide you water during your visit should you need it, don’t be afraid to ask.

Treats: In all fairness, we do accept treats for horses if you would like to donate. The staff and volunteers alone are the only ones allowed to give treats at SWFHR, as they understand the manner and considerations of each horse. Doing this prevents fighting, learned traits of bitting as well as ensuring type and size of treat is commensurate with each horse’s issues.

Public Availability (Days & Hours)


Public Availability means the days in the week or hours in a day we are available to entertain requests of visitation by appointment.

7 days a week
(except when an event is planned or during times of an extreme medical problem arises)

November – March from 9 am – 3 pm
March – November from 9 am – 4 pm
* The hours available vary according to bookings or reservations

Visit Types

Introduction Tours


Introduction Tours are to showcase the work of an equine rescue organization plus the horses throughout the facility.  Tour is broken into two sections.  In the first section of the tour, we will give a brief history of SWFHR and explain some characteristics of the organization.  In the last section, we will meet the horses and explain their conditions and reasons for the need to have been rescued.

These tours are available in a few different ways.  Depending on circumstances we must have appointments made in order to perform these tours.  The Introduction Tour types we offer are:

  • General Tours:  We’ve made things easy for the public to submit, without the process of prior approval, requests for a tour. 
    Offered for public scheduling through our online booking calendar.  These tours are reserved for Individuals and Families. 
  • Special General Tours: are available to the public who can not arrange their own availability to meet our planned days in the week for a visit.  A request must be made by contacting us prior and be approved. The availability of the choice of days is volatile as our operational needs take priority over anything else. 
  • Group Tours: Group Tours are like general tours non the less but coordinated through a point of contact with a specific focus on a large group introduction tour.  Social Clubs, Retirement Homes, and School Groups are to name a few examples.

Tour Fees: All Tours require a donation to cover the time of our volunteers providing you this tour. 

  • General & Special General Tours: We are asking for a minimum donation of $10 per person… kids under 16 & military retired or active (ID required) FREE!
  • Group Tours: The fee to cover this tour varies as the need for coordination to handle the number of people. 
    (Presently tours group sizes from 6 – 15 are $15 per person and 16 – 30 $20 per person as we will split the group into 2 guided groups).   Our size capacity is 45 people at one time.

We strive to present your party with an enlightening experience about who we are, what we do, our rescued horses, and the plight of rescued horses in our community and abroad. We are what some call a Working Farm. Meaning our volunteers may be doing chores in and or around where the tour takes you. Tours are outdoor, riding, or walking in whatever mother nature has in store for us. With exception to ‘Lightning’ or ‘Heavy Rain’ tours will go on.

In 2022 it was approved to increase the minimum donation to $10 per individual (16+) is a requirement for a (1) one hour General Tours. 

In 2021 it was approved that a minimum donation of $5 per individual is a requirement for a (1) one hour General Tours.  While our founding principles of keeping things affordable or available for even the little guy have been strained with this new rule, after 6 years of free visits it is about time.  We no longer accept walk-in / off-the-street tours.  All tours are by appointment. The hours available vary according to bookings or reservations.

General Tours

We have made these days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday available for the public to schedule (on your own) a visit/tour through an online booking program.  Our booking calendar provides the public the ability to select an available window to visit with us uninterrupted by distraction.  The range of hours available follows our Public Hours listed above.  The hours available vary according to bookings, reservations, or events.  We will not overlap tours or other planned visits.

All tours/visits absolutely must be planed.
The availability of the choice of days is variable, as our operational needs take priority over anything else.

General Tour Fees

There is a requested minimum donation of $10 per Adult for Tours only, as the value of what we provide your party by our presentation.  

Fee Exceptions:

  • 12 and under 
  • Military retired or active.  We will verify this when you arrive.  Remember for Military members… please bring a form of identification (i.e. ID or DD214). We salute military personnel and their sacrifice past and present and it is our honor to give back as much as possible to them for that.

Fee Details:
You are encouraged to donate more than the minimum should you find the value of your tour to be worthy of it.  Your guide is not paid nor requires reimbursement for their time. However, the average cost per day for one of our rescued horses costs from $10 to $12 a day. So, a (1) one-person tour will help at a minimum one of our rescued horses for one day.

General Tour Details

DURATION: 1 HOUR tour by Cart (availability dependent).

LIMITS: party size/limit is 6! This is due to our transportation cart’s size.  Larger groups can be accepted but must understand that if over 6 in the party will possibly have some walking.  There will be no riding of the cart in an unsafe manner. 

FEES:  minimum donation of $10 per person… kids under 12 & military retired or active (ID required) FREE!  

AVAILABILITY: Only one party at a time if you don’t see a time that should be available then someone has already booked before you.

TOUR DESCRIPTION: at “South West Florida Horse Rescue” (SWFHR) your guide will showcase the work of an equine rescue organization plus the horses throughout the 40-acre facility.

Tour Booking Calendar

Special Visitation

Other days in the week are available if you make direct contact with SWFHR. You may submit a request via email to Reference “Special Visit Request”.

All tours/visits absolutely must be planed.
The availability of the choice of days is volatile as our operational needs take priority over anything else.

Focused Visit

Much like our Tours, these visits are specialized or have a specific Focus of topics preplanned with us.  Examples like equine care education for girl scout troops or birthday group visits.  These tours/visits range of time & fees varies depending on the group request.  These tours absolutely must be planned.  The availability of the choice of days is volatile as our operational needs take priority over anything else. 

To apply for a Focused Visit one must first make contact with us through either Phone, Email, or Social Media.  After a conversation, we will secure a date, time, and duration choice.

CONTACT US to arrange!

Donation Drop Off

call us

(to arrange your Donation Drop Off)

Donations are vital to our existance.  Whether it be cash or items.  We accept Items donated for use or resale to benefit general operations any day of the week.  We do however need to ensure someone is present to process your donation.  This is why we prefer you contact us prior to just showing up as we may be in the middle of a planned activity.

What do we accept?

We accept just about anything for donation.

Whether it is

used or new; horse tack/gear, hay, grain, or any associated tools.

used or new; household items, jewelry (costume or real), tools, yard tools, art, or anything like yardsale items (just like Goodwill).  *The only thing we cant store and keep well is clothing.

items of new for our online auction.

What do we do with your donations?

We try our best to maximize the value of your item.

We will either:

use your donation for our operational needs

raffle or turn your donation into a fundraiser.  (Hi value items only)

list your donation for an independent sale to get the best dollar amount for it.

sell your donation at either a garage or tack sale

if for some reason in such cases as garage sales if we’ve had items that just haven’t sold MULTIPLE TIMES or a product we can not use, we will donate them “forward” to another charity in the hopes it may help them.

When do we accept donations?

Pretty much any day of the week.

Times of the day however are set to not conflict with normal tasks.  We know many would like to tour after a donation but we don’t always have the time.  If you find yourself in that position we suggest that you choose a day where we are doing tours already as this would most defiantly conflict with our schedule.  Due to our continuously busy schedule, we need to coordinate everything so we do ask that you the scheduler below help us plan things.  As always you may make direct contact with us for scheduling if you so choose. 

Adoption Looking

For those interested in seeing what we have available to adopt we would suggest you review what we have on either our website or Facebook first.  It is customary to complete an adoption request form to indicate your intentions and to cover your interests so we can make sure no one’s time is wasted looking at equines that don’t fit your request.

Time is a valuable subject that is why we ask that you complete a request form.  If you haven’t done so prior then we’ve provided a block for you to fill out prior to your request to visit.  If we do not have anything fitting your request then we will contact you to offer options.

We do encourage you to review our Adoption page on our website to answer questions beforehand to streamline things.

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