V-Newsletter Vol 1, No. 1 (OCTOBER 2021)

Welcome to the 1st of hopefully many newsletters for you, the volunteer.  Volunteers are what make SWFHR what it is.  You are the heart that keeps things moving so you should also be simply informed of the goings-on.  We are aiming to transition into quarterly meetings, once 2022 rolls around, for not only the information but for you to get to know your fellow volunteers.  But in the meantime, you will have this newsletter to refer to each month. A monthly newsletter should be available within the first week of the month and found in the feed barn with the ability to take with you and found online on the website.

Summer Happenings!

In the last few months, we have welcomed our new girl Bella (9/1/2021), said Goodbye to Nash (9/26/21) who was adopted and currently settling into his new home, and Chance is now a gelding!

We are looking forward to the humidity and temperatures dropping soon after a long hot summer. The nicer weather also brings back our snowbird friends.

Current Campaigns

The Recycle For Rescues (RFR) campaign has been a staple of SWFHR since the beginning.  Collecting aluminum cans and recycling them for money is a very simple procedure.  You collect and bring them to the rescue and we process them.  Nowadays our volunteer Randy collects what is stored at or brought to SWFHR and takes it to the recycling plant.  He then brings us the money back. 

This hasn’t been a widely publicized campaign in a while so, we want to bring it to everyone’s attention and maybe you can HELP us collect your cans or coordinate others to do the same then bring them to the rescue.  Maybe we can get this campaign off the ground.  Right now we are making between $50 – $70 per trip every 2 months or so.

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