Triple your donations!

3x your impact!

Now is your chance to make a difference!  From March 12 – 31, 2018 Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible purchase!

“Make a purchase from our wish list and you effectively donate while donating… WIN WIN for the rescues!”

If you don’t already have South West Florida Horse Rescue Inc noted as your benefiting charity? Go to to switch your charity and have your normal Amazon purchases kick back a donation to South West Florida Horse Rescue Inc.

Your purchase costs are not affected. Amazon Smile absorbs the donations costs.  Normally the donation rate is 0.5% of your pre-tax purchase. This may sound small but multiplied by many people this really adds up! From March 12-31, 2018 Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% on your first eligible purchase.

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