Thank You! Double D Trailers for the article in your “Horse Rescue Corner”.

“We believe all animals should live happy, healthy lives and we were going to make sure we could make that happen.”

“SWFHR accepts any and all equines in need, extending their core values of compassion, commitment, and advocacy to each horse that enters the facility.  Each horse undergoes an initial exam and is brought up to date on coggins, vaccines, dental work and put on an individualized diet to get them off to a healthy start. Once they are ready, the horses enter a training program with a local professional that lasts between 30 and 60 days. Their progress is recorded and posted on social media so that potential adopters can follow along as the horses prepare for their forever homes.”

** Just a little clip from the article written by Double D Trailers after their interview with Tina Garrett founder and President of SWFHR.

Be sure and read the full article here.

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A little about Double D Trailers:  They are a horse trailer manufacturer based in North Carolina with factory direct trailer sales to reduce costs to the average consumer but that’s not all they are… They also have a compassion for rescued equines and the organizations that perform the daunting tasks of rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing.  To fulfill their part of helping the slaughter-bound, abused, neglected or abandoned equines of this nation they have created the “Horse Rescue Corner” site.

It is our hope that the Horse Rescue Corner will serve as both an educational and search tool so that you can learn about local rescues in your state and contribute to the effort to protect horses and other equines across our nation

DD - Horse Rescue Corner

DD – Horse Rescue Corner Site

Also offered through Double D Trailers is the  Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program set up as an effort to connect local citizens and rescues in need of horse trailers.

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