Matt VenaleckCo-Founder / Director / Treasure / Staff (Volunteer & Facility Manager)

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Matt found himself in Florida in 2003 after serving (8) years with the U.S. Marine Corps right after high school.  By 2005 He owned & operated a FedEx Ground delivery contract for nearly (5) years as well as a driver for an additional (6) years totaling (11) years of service to the FedEx brand.  The last (4) years of his time with FedEx was spent juggling a 12 to 14hour workdays and caring for sometimes up to 9 horses and helping with the logistics & development of South West Florida Horse Rescue – (SWFHR) from 2010 on.  Matt in 2016 had to devote his full undivided attention to the SWFHR Facility.  He now plays a direct role with management of volunteers and developmental project coordination as well as paperwork administration and his assigned role as Treasure.

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