Quarter Auction How To

A quarter auction is a cross between an auction & a raffle where people bid on items using quarters instead of larger sums of money.  This enables people to get valuable items for as little as .25,.50, .75 or $1.00.   Quarter auctions are a great way to raise much-needed funds for our communities.

Bidding paddles are rented by guests for a fee…usually, $5 depending.  An example of our paddles.

There is no limit to the number of paddles anyone guest may rent.  More paddles mean better odds or winning.  Each guest can rent as many numbered paddles as they would like.

  • Example guests at our Quarters& Comedy Fundraiser will get one FREE bidding paddle at the door with the purchase of a ticket (additional paddles are available for guest to rent at $2.00 per paddle).

Paddles are sequentially numbered and each has a matching number poker chip.  When a paddle is given out/rented, the matching number poker chip is placed in a bingo type spinner or container for shuffling.  Again the more paddles you rent, the better your odds are of winning.  You, as the customer, walk around to view the items up for bid.  You find a seat and wait for the game to begin.  The M/C will welcome everyone and do a quick explanation of the rules.

Once the auction starts first item will be held up, if you are interested in bidding on this item, you place the specified number of quarters in the dish provided on your table and raise your paddle in the air.

  • Example:  If you have only one paddle and the M/C asks for 2 quarters, you place 2 quarters in the dish.  If you have two paddles and the M/C asks for 2 quarters, you may place 4 quarters in the dish and hold up ‘both’ your paddles…and so on.

You do not have to play all your paddles per auction item.  If you really want the item up for bid, we would suggest you ‘play’ all your paddles by placing the required amount of quarters in the dish.  Once the quarters are placed in the tubs, runners will come by and pick up the quarters.  Then the M/C or another designated person will pull a numbered poker chip from the bingo spinner and announce the number. If the number called matches your paddle you WIN.

  • Example:  Up for bid is a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant.  The M/C asks for 3 quarters, you ‘play’ both your paddles by placing 6 quarters in the dish.  If your number is drawn from the spinner, you win a $50 gift card for $1.50.  Not too bad for $1.50.

If the numbered poker chip announced does not match any raised paddle then the M/C will draw another number until there is a winner.  Guests will need to keep their paddles up in the air until a winning number has been drawn.  Once the winner is identified you may come to the stage or podium to get your winning item or a runner may bring it to you.  After that the next item up for bidding will be announced and the process will start over.

Quarter auction are fast paced fun for everyone. You will always be on the edge of your seat.  Normally there is an intermission for food, drinks and restroom visits. Event time frames may vary for the auctions but on average 1 – 2 hours is expected.

At the auction there will be a whole host of other actions going at the same time.

Example: 50/50 raffle, other raffle ticket sales, and product purchases.

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