We would like to make things clear.  We believe that any support for our Equine Rescue Program (ERP), by way of financial help, not be spent on trinkets and stickers to be sent to show a person gratitude.

We will acknowledge anyone by direct communications and any other normally publicized method if so chosen.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate our support, just that our supporters donation or sponsorship will be used specifically for what its intended for.

Of course if asked and we may consider a request for a trinket.

Sparky - June 2017
~ Sparky (Rescue) ~

Equine Sponsorship General:

With SWFHR’s Equine Sponsorship Project (ESP) no matter where you live, even you can become a ‘Guardian’.  ‘Guardian’s’ are those who play a part, through sponsorship, in the lives and welfare of rescued equines a South West Florida Horse Rescue.

What does it mean to Sponsor an Equine? Sponsoring equines from SWFHR is strong way of giving love where it is needed.  Where sponsorship impacts rescued equines life the most will be medical needs first then general care.  Each equine we rescue, has their own specific story that tugs at the heart string of even the most battle harden soles.  We provide an avenue through our sponsorship campaigns for the heartfelt to play a part in making a rescued equine whole again.

Sponsoring is a principle of compassion.  While it is the utmost responsibility for any organization to stay well within their means to financially care for any one equine, your sponsorship of any one or multiple equines can dramatically affect our mission efforts.  It’s like caring for your own horse but without the full responsibility involved. Some might even use this to see if fostering or adopting is a possibility.

You can see more details on our Equine Adoptions & Sponsorships Flyer.

If you are ready to sponsor an equine lets start the process by clicking the button below to fill out the Guardian Sponsorship Form.


Equine Sponsorship Details:

As an equine sponsor you directly can ease the financial cost for medical and basic care.   We will make you a part of the family.  Direct correspondence with updates of the costs, condition of care, and re-homing status of any sponsored equine.  Sponsors are considered as equals in the livelihood, care, and rehabilitation of those they sponsor and are offered as much or as little detail as they want.

If your selected horse is in training and / or currently not suitable for visitors, we will arrange for you to meet with a different sponsorship horse. Should your sponsored horse be adopted or pass away, we will forward your donation to another one of our sponsorship horses.

Pledged MONTHLY sponsorships will at minimum receive monthly updates by email about their special horse. You can converse back to the rescue about thoughts for your sponsored horse. This is a great way to keep giving and stay involved!

If you know your ready to adopt lets start the process by clicking the button below and fill out and Adoption Contact Form.

Winni adoption

Equine Sponsorship Procedures:

The first step to becoming a ‘Guardian’ (Sponsor of an Equine) is to identify an equine that touches your sole. Look at our equines available for sponsorship’s.  Once identified you will fill out a Guardian Sponsor Form.  It is absolutely fine if you would like to be a Guardian for the entire herd.  When filling out the Guardian Sponsor Form under Equine Elections choose “The Entire Herd”.  You may also feel the need to visit with the rescues to identify who to sponsor.  If that is the case we can help with that by contacting you to make arrangements after you either email sponsor@swfhr.org or fill out the Guardian Contact Form.






  • If there is no match we will hold your Contact Form for 1 month should you care to wait and see if we find an equine meeting your request over the course of this time.
  • After 1 month, we will discard your request unless otherwise requested.
  • We get calls all the time from people looking to re-home there equine(s) yet our capacity limitations are generally exceeded 98% of the time. The purpose of the Contact Form is to make it possible for the equines that we physically cannot take in have a chance of being paired up with potential adopters that may not find what they are looking for at our facility.

Once following through with a visit to the SWFHR facility… if you’ve found an equine you are considering to adopt at this point you will start the application process by filling out an Adoption Application.  Some key points to mention about the application are as follows:

  • You may board an adopted equine but note we will inspect the boarding facility.
  • We will perform a background check on all who have contact with the equine.
  • If not boarding an adopted equine, you must allow a property inspection for approval.
  • Currently contracts are binding for a year.
  • We do not sell equines! We do require an adoption donation which can be deductible on your taxes to the extent of the law.

After your application, has been approved you will finalize things by completing the Adoption Agreement with SWFHR.

  • We do offer transportation for a fee above and beyond the adoption donation. The fee will be determined at the time of Agreement.

One (1) year after adoption you will be required to submit an Annual Health Update Form to SWFHR for review.

If you know your ready to adopt lets start the process by clicking the button below and fill out and Adoption Contact Form.

Equine Sponsors

To sponsor a particular equine is truly a meaningful way of expressing your bond with our mission.  Equine Sponsors receive specific updates on their sponsored equine, public recognition if requested, and their own specialized promotional clothing identifying the sponsors commitment to rescued equines (highly elective not required).

Event Sponsors

Fundraising events can always use start up capital. Event Sponsors allow all the fundraising earnings to go to our mission and not the expenses of the particular event.

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