Rescue Strong 2021 Clothing Campaign

Rescue Strong version 2021

Orders available until Dec. 22 and delivery by Jan. 11, 2021, we are introducing another version of our Rescue Strong clothing campaign from the past.  We will call this the Royal series as “Royal Blue” is our color brand.  If things go well we will offer other colors later.

Covering the wintertime with long sleeve apparel we bring to you 6 different items and multiple sizes.  1 short sleeve and the rest being long sleeve to get you through the winter months.  Rescue Strong logo on the back only and no logo on the front of any of these items.

This is a third party campaign supporting us… the rules are that we must meet a minimum purchase amount for the campaign to be successful.  Only successful campaigns will be allowed to ship.  Should we not reach the minimum then the campaign will close unsuccessfully and all funds will be returned.  The minimum for this campaign is 8 items.  We are sure that y’all can make that happen and more.  Profit to us will begin after the minimum is achieved.

Deadline for Orders

The clothing

a reminder the front of all clothing is blank. Click an item to purchase

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