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Online Raffle Row Form

Showcasing this year’s event raffle baskets to be in our “Monster” Raffle Row. We offer this preview of baskets to accept early raffle ticket purchases. This way those, who are nationally or locally following us that may not make it to the event, have their chance to put in and potentially win. Please note some baskets are local pick-up only. Shipping if needed to be paid by the winner.

Credit sales only through this form… there is not enough time to mail and process checks. You can pay in person prior if you are local.

Be sure to review the Baskets Album before using the form.  You’ll need to know what basket numbers you want to put your tickets in.

Online form will be active until 12pm est. on March 12th.


last update 3/12/20

*Looking for a better view… turn your phone sideways


In the spirit of engagement and options. We want to offer the ability for folks to enjoy as much of the event as we can offer.  This includes our 50/50 raffle.

Scroll down to the form if you’re ready.

We would expect most to understand how a traditional 50/50 works but in case someone doesn’t, here it is.
50/50 rules: People purchase tickets (as many as they want, sometimes in groups) from a designated person with tickets in the hopes that their ticket is drawn at the end of the event.  50/50 tickets are 2 part tickets both with the same serial number.  You keep half and the other half goes into a container.  When a ticket is drawn, a call for the person with the same serial number (6diget) is made.  THE WINNER MUST BE PRESENT!  If a call for the matching ticket is not answered then the host will call another until a winner is found.
50/50 winners: When a winner is found, they will receive half the total raised and the other half will stay in the possession of the charity (SWFHR).  Winners have the option to keep their half or donate it back to the charity but this is NOT required.

This is how the online 50/50 pre-purchase will work.  Sometimes in an event, you may NOT hear the last call for 50/50 or you may NOT be able to find the 50/50 person(s).  So to save you the hassle we’ve made a form for your ease.  If you are going to the event (in person) you can pre-purchase your 50/50 tickets ahead of time and pick up the receipts at the door so you don’t have to wait/find the 50/50 person.

AT THE EVENT 50/50 GROUPS: there will be only 2 different groups you will be able to purchase.

  1.  $1 for 1 ticket [$1 per ticket] or,
  2. $20 for a true “Arm’s length” of the ticket seller (this can vary from 32 – 40 tickets, depending on the ticker person) [63¢ ~ 50¢ per ticket]

ONLINE PRE ORDER 50/50 GROUPS: online pre-purchase only.

  1. $10 for 20 tickets [50¢ per ticket]
  2. $20 for 50 tickets [40¢ per ticket]
  3. $50 for 200 tickets [25¢ per ticket]
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