Recycle For Rescue's

Collecting recycled material has always been a steadfast way to earn funds and impact the cleanliness of our local environment.  Through our ‘Recycle For Rescues’ campaign, we currently process aluminum cans and ink cartridges on a monthly basis, mainly for much-needed funds.

Beverage cans collections have been a staple fundraising method for us that goes all the way back to the beginning of it all. Our volunteer Randy will take bags of collected cans in mass for recycling and bring back the money collected. Aluminum and other precious metals are traded on a daily price adjusted market.  So, we don't always know what the exchange rate is when we go to recycle but over the years the range can be as low at 47 cents to 75 cents per pound.

We should clarify what we can recycle only aluminum beverage cans. NOT tin steel, or other alloy materials like wet cat food or vegetable cans.

Do It Yourself

Recycle on your own! There is no better way to be a good steward of our planet than collecting recycled material on your own.  Recycle your own cans and donate the collected cash.

Bring Cans to us.

Bag’em up or not. We can do the rest at the Rescue.

Bring to us at:
14811 State Road 31
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Request A Pick-Up

Have us pick them up. CALL (239) 567-4111

Please understand that we do have a busy plate, and it may take us a while to get to you for a pick-up.  For obvious reasons, we can only pick it up within 20 of the facility as it would be cost-effective to expend the fuel to pick it up.  Also, we request that you collect at least (4) 55-gallon bags worth before requesting pick-up. We suggest that those further away recycle locally to you and then donate the earnings, as this is the same thing.


Collect to Recycle

Save, collect, and share this idea. We’ve partnered with Planet Green Recycle, an inkjet cartridge recycle & reproducer that offers a give-back fundraiser. They provide free collection of your ink cartridges (they send a paid shipping label), and you name the beneficiary (on the return form). Then, a check is sent to the beneficiary. That's it!

You can collect and send in your used ink cartridges and name SWFHR the cash beneficiary with the; “Program ID Code” 31825

You can collect at least 4 Inkjet cartridges and then submit for a shipping label HERE. Remember to use our ID Code 31825 on the label form.

Purchase Ink

When supporters shop at Planet Green Recycle and use our Program ID 31825 and Planet Green contributes 10% of the total purchase back to our organization. Share More - Earn More: The more purchases made using our Program ID 31825, the more funds we can generate.

See if they have your ink available at

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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