Year of Birth 1988


Hierarchy: No Contest




No Chronic Conditions Noted

No Prone Issues noted

No Scars or Deformities noted


Sparky's Story

Sparky is definitely a prime example of just one of the reasons Horse Rescue must exist in our local area. Sparky is a senior, yes, he is also a perfectly healthy/sound boy who deserves nothing less than to live out the rest of his days in comfort. At 28-30 years old, I would bet, he has been there/done that and now it is time to retire. All to often, folks tire of their old horse who is no longer of any use to them….they forget all the years the horse gave them….they forget all the years the horse aimed to please them….they may have even forgotten all the years they came home from a show with ribbons and trophy’s….they forget when their old horse taught the daughter to ride…they forget. Sparky was scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday, December 1st. His owner decided to end Sparky’s life instead of doing the right thing and letting him retire and live out his days with (maybe) the only family he has ever known. Thanks to a veterinarian who refused to euthanize a perfectly healthy horse and a man with a heart of gold, Sparky ended up with us and is on the road to a happy healthy future. Dr. Emma came out to do the initial exam and we scheduled his appointment to have his teeth floated. Lauren came out and body clipped Sparky to give him some relief and he sees the farrier today. He is settling in nicely here at the Rescue, he knows he is indeed, safe.

, Grade, Gelding
Born 1988 
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