Our process of rehabilitation is focused on initial evaluations from our veterinarian.  Care process is identified and human social interaction begins. Throughout rehabilitation, evaluations are made to identify if regimented training is capable and needed to advance adopt-ability.  Once medical & nutritional rehabilitation has met our required conditions an equine is considered “Available” for adoption. Otherwise an equine will be considered “Pending”.  Even if training habilitation or rehabilitation is pending we will consider adoption request.  If a commitment to training for any equine is active, this will be completed first before any adoption process will be approved.  All equines classified sanctuary are still available for adoption but understand the scrutiny during the adoption process will be very high as all sanctuary equines are to NEVER be ridden or worked on any level.


Rescued equines that are currently at the SWFHR facility and still looking for that right person or family.


Rescued equines that are no longer at the SWFHR facility and found that right person or are now guardian angles for eternity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adoption fee?

Our adoption fees are $350 no matter the size, breed, or registration.

Only when a particular equine has been through our training program, then the fee of the training will be added.

This rate currently is $800 per month.  In some cases, a particular equine may be at training for up to 2 months.


Will we transport if approved for adoption?

We do offer transportation of adopted equines. Rates vary, depending on distance an the rate of diesel at our local station.

Distance with-in 15 miles from our facility may have transportation costs waived. No guarantee that this will happen.

Of course you may arrange your own transportation if you would like.

Can we foster before we commit to adoption?

The principle of trying things out before committing to adoption sound good on paper but we do not allow this for the psychological torment this can cause the equines.

We prefer that you spend time with a potential adopted equine at our facility until you feal confident.

If your questioning… point blank, you are not ready.

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