Raise The Roof 2018

It’s that time of the season to clean up the facility at SWFHR.  We are calling volunteers of all natures to help with getting SWFHR up to par for the new year.

What is in need are chainsaws, weed eaters, paint brushes, buckets, sponges, and helping hands to go with them.

The oak trees at the rescue were trimmed up 4 years ago.  Since then and after hurricane Irma last year, all our trees are starting to reach out and grab you now.  So, we need to “Raise The Roof” for the rescues, volunteers, and our machinery SAFETY.

Now, on the back side of the rainy season, many areas of the facility that previously were not touchable for maintenance, are now.  Weed eating & mowing will be the majority of help needed for this, so we can “Trim The Edges”.  Brush pickup and gate washing is also a need!

Who loves a new coat of paint?  We know the feed barn would!  Think you’ve got a steady enough hand for this task?  Even if you’re not that good with trim edges there is plenty of flat areas that need painting too.

We’ve identified December 1st as the date to run this campaign. We will provide food and drinks for everyone.  Be a part of the transformation!!! You don’t need to be an official volunteer to be part of this.  Liabilities will be signed by all non-registered volunteers.

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