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Panhandle (pet) Relief Project

We are going to Pay It Forward!  SWFHR is seeking our community’s help with a relief project for the Florida Panhandle after the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael.

The General Plan:
Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.  We are sending a relief convoy to Tallahassee, FL approximately 3 weeks later. This will allow time for critical recovery efforts to take place as well as normal stock items to be used before our resupply efforts come into play.
The items of need will be focused on new or unopened pet nonperishable products (i.e. Horse, Dog, Cat, Bird).  We will establish local businesses as donation drop points and an inventory item will be made.  All anonymous donations will be accepted.
A full volunteer convoy of those who can transport with closed trailers will be established to transport all donated items to one site located in Tallahassee, FL for disbursement.  All volunteer vehicles part of the convoy will stay together on the way to the rally point but can return as they will.  Additionally, the convoy vehicles will have some sort of marking, provided by SWFHR, denoting this relief project.

About Donating:

We do not have the staff to come and pick up items so we are asking you to bring items to the Donation Drop Points or to our facility.

  • If you prefer to bring your items to the Rescue Facility, you are welcome to do so. All we ask is that you do up a list so that it is easy for the folks disbursing the items to know what is in each tote/box/bag/etc.
  • These listed Donation Drop Points are accepting Call in Credit Donations, In-store Purchases, and Item Donations (from other places) just make sure to mention that your donation or items are for the Panhandle Relief ProjectPRP, or for SWFHR.

Click on any of the icons to find the business details.

A word about monetary donations!

Aside from calling and leaving a phone-in donation at either of the (3) drop points (Futral’s Feed Store, Sweet Cypress Ranch (SCR), & C&C Feed Store under the name PRPSWFHR Panhandle Relief Project, SWFHRSouth West Florida Horse Rescue).
All other monetary donations directly to SWFHR identified for this relief project will be processed via Check, Cash (sent or brought to our mailing address), or through PayPal.

For checks mailed we request that the postmark date deadline be Oct. 29th as this allows us time to process your check intended for this project. Checks received after the 29th may not be able to be used in the time before the convoy leaves.

For PayPal processing: If you have an account (to avoid fees) send funds directly to our PayPal account as friends & family.  If you click the Donate Funds button these transactions will incur a 2.2% fee required by PayPal.

Relief Funds Raised

All Sources Combined

Last updated: 10/30/18 @ 12:00pm

Items Needed: (this list is purely an example of items for all kinds of pets in need)

  • Feed/Food (farm & domestic pets) – new or unopened
  • Hay (farm pets) – new or unopened
  • Bedding (farm & domestic pets)
  • Fencing – much has been damaged or destroyed (farm pets)
    • Posts
    • Wire
    • Staples
    • etc…
  • medications for hooves saturated by standing in water (farm pets)
  • health products (farm & domestic pets)
    • baby wipes
    • absorbent pads
    • antibacterial sprays
    • fly/bug sprays
    • medicated wash & wound products – i.e. viodine, alodine, curicyn – for horses
    • etc…
  • common need items – new or used
    • batteries
    • tarps – for makeshift shelters
    • flashlights
    • feed pans/buckets
    • blankets or dog beds
    • etc…

About the Convoy:

  • Our departure date is Saturday, November 10th, to allow those who work during the week, the chance to be part of this convoy.
  • We are accepting willing (available) and able (can lift many items continuously) volunteers for this convoy who can provide any of the following
    • Truck, Trailer, & Labor
    • Truck & Labor
    • Labor (only)
  • We have a LIVE form for those who want to help with this convoy posted both on social media and this page.
  • We hope to have more people available than needed for this convoy to ensure we can deliver everything to the Drop Point (Tallahassee) in a timely manner.
  • We will select from the convoy list, as the community responds to our ‘call to action’, individuals to meet the demand. – i.e. there is a chance if you sign up you may not be needed for transportation. (We will still recognize you as stepping up in the time of need)
  • Those confirmed as ‘going’ on this convoy must be available at some point up to (2) days before our departure date, to help pick-up items from our local donation points.
  • The time frame for this may be at minimum a 5 – 6 hr trip to get to Tallahassee. We will all leave together and arrive at the drop point together.
  • Completion… Once we’ve completed our delivery convoy volunteers may return home as the will.
  • At present we can not reimburse for fuel expenses. Later as we see the result of our ‘Call To Action’ we may be able too. It’s better to not expect it.

The Back Story:

Many of you remember the devastation that Hurricane Irma caused back in September of 2017 and how so many folks stepped up to help. Dan and Audrey of Gray Cat Farm, Live and Let Live Farm, Ryan Tractor, Gloria Andrews and many others staged a donation drop off in Chichester New Hampshire for folks to donate items for Irma victims. Dan drove down to our Rescue on October 3rd with a trailer load of supplies and we were able to share with other horse Rescue organizations and Animal Shelters.

Well, it is now our turn to pay it forward. We have talked with Mike at C&C Feed Store and we will be setting up our 16′ cargo trailer tomorrow for folks to help fill it up. We talked with Dave of Futrals Feed Store and he will also be accepting donations on behalf of the Panhandle pets.

We have coordinated with Tia Albert of Group 17 and we will be delivering all donated items to her farm where her team will deliver to the heavily hit areas of the Panhandle. Our hope is to have several cargo trailers filled to the rim with supplies and to coordinate a convoy to drive the items up to Lake City in a couple of weeks.

Please help if you can, no donation is too small. These folks were hit hard by Hurricane Michael and they need our help. We all know how stressful it is to try and recover from such a major disaster and when you add on the stress of caring for your animals, it makes it that much more difficult. If we can all pull together to do our part to help feed some babies, we have, at least, eased their burden a bit.

Feed, hay, supplements, etc. anything is greatly appreciated. You can purchase items at C&C or Futral’s, or you can drop items off at either location.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on my cell, 239-440-9891 or send me a PM via Facebook.

Thank you all in advance for your help with this.

Thank You’s

We owe each and every one of the listed individuals a very heartfelt THANK YOU! You all hold a place in our community as selfless neighbors (even if it’s the other side of the state).  The lists are alphabetical and do not represent in any way an order of importance.  Lists are also updated daily.


Items & Monetary


Cathy Mu.
Chris Ol.
Doris Du.
Jamie Lu.
Josephine Pr.
Pamala St.
Patricia De.
Peggy Du.
Penske Truck Rental – Laredo Ave, Fort Myers (Diane V.)

Shannon & Jazmyn 
Zatae Fr.
Linda Ga. and group
Patty Hu.


allowing the use of facilities to store donations.

Al Curry
Cyndi Widener

David Moody
Jordan Moody
Michale Hipp
… and everyone who shared our posts or flyer and spread the word


Drivers & Helping Hands | local & convoy related

Matt Ve.
Phil Ja.
Linda Ga.
Diane Ve.

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