Panhandle Relief Project

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We are going to Pay It Forward!  SWFHR is seeking our communities help with a relief project for the Florida Panhandle after the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael.

The plan:
Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.  We are aiming for a relief convoy to arrive in Lake City, FL approximately 3 weeks later. This will allow time for critical recovery efforts to take place as well as normal stock items to be used before our resupply efforts come into play. (see details page for more information)
The items of need will be focused on new or unopened pet nonperishable products (i.e. Horse, Dog, Cat, Bird).  We have established 2 local businesses as donation drop points and an inventory of item will be made.  Anonymous donation will be accepted. Cash or Monetary donations will be accepted aside from fuel expenses all money raised will be used towards the purchase of relief items. (see details page for more information)
A full volunteer convoy of those who can transport with closed trailers will be established to transport all donated items to one site located in Lake City, FL for disbursement.  All volunteer vehicles part of the convoy will stay together on the way to the rally point but can return as they will.  Additionally, the convoy vehicles will have some sort of marking, provided by SWFHR, denoting this relief project. (see details page for more information)

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