Online Auction – Coming Soon

This month’s online auction will run from:
Saturday October, 19th
Monday October, 28th

Be sure and take a look at all of the items that are up for bid.  Not just horse items are in our auctions.  Items for the whole family both household and out in town are also part of our auctions.  We do ship so you do not need to be local.  The time frame gives you 10 days to get your bids in on your favorite items.

All items are donated to our Rescue for our auctions, this allows us to raise much-needed funds to support the rescued equines of South West Florida Horse Rescue. When you see an item donated by a local or small business, please consider supporting them by checking out their website or doing a little shopping. If we all work together to support one another, it makes the world a little better place.

Sneak Peak

We offer people a chance to preview some of the items up for bid in our “Sneak Peek” album on our Facebook Page.  We continually add items as time gets closer to the auction date.  During the auction, we will continue to add items as the auction runs so don’t think what you see in the sneak peek is it.

You can like, share or comment on the sneak peek but do not comment any bid on any sneak peek items.  The auction will be held on a completely different Facebook page.

How to Participate

  • Navigate to:

    The auction page at

  • Click on:

    "Photos" from the page menu

  • Click on:

    The active Auction Album. This will only be seen when the auction is "Live".

  • Find an Item of Interest

    click comment and post your bid amount. Please note that bids are only in whole dollar amounts.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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