Help us name our newest!

Here she is! 

On Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, this little girl arrived at SWFHR.

Meet our newest intake! This little pony comes to SWFHR from Collier County Domestic Animal Services (CCDAS). The initial understanding is that this Mare pony is estimated at 20yrs old and had a few extensive wound areas on her right barrel with a suspect reason of barbed wire. She also had a case of unmanaged summer itch and is much due for a farrier to bring her long toes up to par. She comes to SWFHR with the name ‘Tilly’ but as always we intend to move forward with a ‘New Name for a New Life’ also this name was applied by staff a CCDAS which has no relation to her.

Found/Acquired by CCDAS wondering in collier county at the beginning of October. After a quarantine hold and attempt to find her owners with no result, CCDAS contacted SWFHR and others, expressing the need for help. ‘Tilly’ was 1 of 3 equines under the care of CCDAS and unfortunately, Tilly is all SWFHR had space available for. We can confirm that the other 2 horses have found caregivers for them.

24 hrs since she arrived she has been stalled in her own partitioned paddock next to Kahlua (someone near her size).


This horse "right here" meets the expectations and focus of our rescue.  She is what we call "a horse with no human responsible for them" and these are the types of horses SWFHR focuses its efforts on. 

In many situations, there are horses out there with a human who is currently responsible for that horse.  Even if the owner, who may have an issue (i.e. financial, physical, pure lack of interest, etc.) still has a responsibility to the horse(s) that they originally accepted the responsibility for.  We offer mutual help in these situations but horses confiscated, released, or just plainly in the care of authority do not have a human responsible for them and that is what SWFHR believes its efforts as a “Rescue” should be.

Considering her past we think it fitting to give her a brand new name to go with her brand new future.  We would love your help in choosing an appropriate name for our newest.

If you’re new to our “Name Game” the rules are written below.  The goal is to aid with future care costs (i.e. Coggins, Feed, Hay, Intake Exam, Dental, & Vaccines, Castrations, Farrier Work, De-worming, and Future Training).  So for as little as $1 you can be a part of these boys’ legacy.

Participate and follow along with the chart below.  


$1 per vote/per name:  You may vote multiple times and for different names. 

Choosing a Name: You may either choose a name from the prepopulated list or Pick your own name and write in a name by selecting “Pick your own” in the drop-down menu.

The game will end on Thursday November 18th at 7 pm eastern.  At the end of the game, the name with the most votes will officially be her new name… shedding her past.  There is no limit to the number of votes that can be cast.


The game is on.
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Sorry, the Name Game is over and the Votes are tallied!


Please allow up to 2 minutes for the charts to update.

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