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SWFHR is looking for your help to name its newest Rescue.  A $1 Vote helps us name our Newest!  Vote as many times as you like and let’s raise some funds for our new girl.

Game ends Monday, September 30th at 8 pm


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It is time to “Name the New Girl”

Even though she has been with us for a few weeks we wanted to get back to what was started.  A new name… A new outlook on life.  Linda may be the name she came to SWFHR with but we need to shed the past and move on (she doesn’t even respond to the name).  This mare set the record for the lowest (horse category) weight we have ever taken in, at 600lbs.

“We would LOVE for you to be a part of helping choose a fitting name for her.”

From time to time we run a name game for new intakes with the intention that our community can be both a part of naming a new one and helping with the initial care that will be needed.  The way things work are rather simple… $1 gets you a vote for any name you want.  Yes, you can cast more than 1 vote. Yes, you can vote multiple time and for different names.  The voting is done by electronic payment through PayPal but we also accept checks towards the NAME GAME or donations directly for her care.

The contest will run until Monday, September 30th at 8 pm.  At the close of the contest, the name with the most votes wins.

We may be running a “Name Game” to raise funds needed for her care but if you would rather just donate for her care, you can do so by donating to our New Intake Care Fund (NIC) Fund.

The Facts:

We do not have any information on Linda’s past but we do know that her life changed on August 28th when she was released into our care.  Linda was seized by Hendry County Sheriff’s department, along with her pasture mate, and we were called to ask if we could take both horses.  We were at capacity but agreed to take both mares in for their rehabilitation.  While waiting for the proper paperwork to be completed, Linda’s pasture mate went down at the impound and got caught up in the fence.  Sadly, she did not make it and was humanely euthanized at the Sheriff’s facility.  On August 28th we went out and met with the deputies at the impound lot, paperwork was signed and we headed back to the Rescue with Linda.  Linda has been in our care for just a few weeks but she is doing wonderful, getting stronger, healthier and is learning to ‘be a horse’, possibly for the first time in her life.    Let’s give this very brave girl a new name to go with her brand new life, cast your votes and encourage your friends to do the same.  All funds raised in our Name Game go to the rehab, farrier, feed, hay, etc. for Linda so vote as many times as you like and let’s raise some funds for our new girl.

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