Mark Rashic Clinic Follow Up

The Mark Rashid Horsemanship Clinic was a success for our new Equine Education Program adopted June 2016.

This clinic completes our second successfully handle event.  The contributions earned from the clinic was $687.50.  These funds will compensate the expense put into making this clinic what it was and to pay forward for future educative clinics.

SWFHR shouts out a big “THANK YOU!” to those volunteers that made this happen, you are the difference.

To all the participants and especially the people we at SWFHR have never met before, your participation in the clinics held at the Facility are a testament to our Equine Education Program we believe Mark Rashid made and impact on us all.

Mark Rashid Clinic 2017
Volunteer Patty Harrison-Bonner16473944_1295787523793621_774825206489099660_n

Mark Rashid Clinic 2017

January 28th - 30th, 2017


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