Logo’d Hat orders available!

For a limited time only.  Our clothing campaign 006 is up and running until May 31st!
6 different colors to choose from featuring SWFHR’s wide Logo.

Get your Logo’d hat while the campaign is open.  After May 31st no more purchases can be made and we do not stock these.

It has been some time since we’ve offered hats with our logo on them so why not now. With summer sunny days approaching these hats will come in handy. If we sell 50 hats we can raise just over $450 for the rescues. That’s nearly the same cost it will be to geld/neuter our newest stud colt RIO. We can all wear these with pride while keeping the sun out of our eyes with these hats.

CAMPAIGN DETAILS: The way things work for this fundraiser. We must sell at least (24) total items in order to cover the costs of production. Should, for some reason, this campaign not meet the required minimum item total before the close of the campaign time frame, all funds will be returned to those who have already made a purchase. Production of items doesn’t happen until the end of the campaign.

SHIPPING: Expected delivery date is (12 working days after the campaign close date). Cost for shipping vary but if you are local to SWFHR you can ship to our facility for FREE to pick up.

Be sure and stay up-to-date on our latest fundraising campaign by keeping an eye on our SWFHR – Collections page.

Whether you are new to the work that South West Florida Horse Rescue (SWFHR) does or not, we all can make a difference for equines in the SW Florida region. Feed & Hay, just to mention, are undoubtedly expensive necessities when caring for equines. The normal daily expense for a rescued equine is approximately $8.00 a day (this doesn’t consider additional medical care costs which can vary dramatically). As of May 2018, we currently care for 15 rescued equines. So, doing the math, just to give you a glimpse, our daily general care expense is $120. Include the medications we must administer daily and we are quickly approaching $200 a day in General Care of our rescues.

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