(2-20) Jude in holding before coming to SWFHR.
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Jude's Stats

Current Status of Jude

Jude in March of 2021 was humanely euthanized to prevent imminent, inevitable, and immobilizing pain associated with degeneration in his front left leg.  A condition generically called “coon-foot” and if science hasn’t changed the name of this condition, its scientifically called “bla bla bla” also known as DSLD.  Jude is SWFHR’s 3rd case of euthanization based on this condition.

The joint structures in his front left leg, weakened by genetic degeneration and compromised by human overuse, finally gave way to bouts of immobility leading to constant immobility.  If not intervened while Jude still had the capability to stand.   Misery and inability to move were inevitable.  

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Can you adopt Jude & give the best possible life to live?
Adopt Jude Total Adoption Fee = $1050.00
  • Rehabilitation Fee ($350)

    * All equines start with a base adoption fee at a rate of $350. No mater big or small, old or young, papered or not, etc. $350 is but a small amount in the grand schema of owning an equine. We believe no one horse is better than the next.

  • Trained Fee ($700)


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  • General - (Full) Sponsor $300/mo +
  • General - (Half) Sponsor $150/mo +
  • General - (Partial) Sponsor $25/mo +
  • General - (Flex) Sponsor $you name it

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The Story of Jude

Jude also is known as “Andy” (at the time of rescue) was one of a few horses that remained from the shut down of a horse rescue on the east coast of Florida. 20+ other horses had been rehomed already except Jude and 2 other horses.   

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