Joker’s Field of Dreams

A place for the fallen to rest easy, known to others a the Rainbow Bridge.

“Joker’s Field” located in the center of the facility.  Named in honor of our “ambassador of senior aged equines” Joker was in his early to mid 20’s when we first met him.  With a shuffled around life no one knew much of his history but the condition of care he was under nothing less than pathetic.  With a sever case of  Deep Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD) otherwise known as Coon Foot, Joker was our first “Sanctuary” equine.  While sanctuary can mean different things to different people, we understood that Joker’s injuries would most likely preclude him from typical adoption and would possibly be with us until he passed.  Even with a sever arthritic condition that his DSLD caused, Joker still maintained a livelihood of grazing with an extensive appetite.  He was an anchor, of the new facility, in Paddock 3, being the first horse people saw on their way into the facility.  Joker and pasture-mate Copenhagen were our human/horse ambassadors.  Joker was the one that most visitors, who wanted hands-on with horses, got to visit.  Many of our volunteers had bonded with him in some way.  As a statuesque monument of strength, Joker stood extremely strong against the pain of the obvious inflammation in his rear ankles, that were nearly 3 time larger than average by the end.  Most definitely Joker’s internal strength of character and independent-ness came from many years of hardship.

January 28, 2016 struggling with complications from his DSLD, Joker was euthanized to end his suffering after having no weight bearing capability in his rear right leg.

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