Horse Angel Program

AKA: Sanctuary Equine Sponsorship


To offset the cost of lifelong care for sanctuary horses

Quick Start

Program Levels

Copper Wings

$10 Per Month

Bronze Wings

$25 Per Month

Silver Wings

$50 Per Month

Gold Wings

$75 Per Month

Platinum Wings

$100 Per Month

Program Details

Our Horse Angel Sponsorship program provides an excellent opportunity to support a horse of your choice by making a monthly contribution. As a Sponsor, an Angel Wings plaque will be displayed on the sponsored horse’s barn stall wall or somewhere nearby to signify your support.

You will also have the chance to visit your sponsored horse with a week’s notice and under the supervision of our staff. During your visit, you can spend quality time with your horse, get to know them better, and form a special bond.

Moreover, during the holiday season, you will receive update messages about your sponsored horse. This message will include vital information about your horse, such as their health, wellbeing, and any other updates. The update message will be sent to you via email unless you request a different delivery method.

The above apply to all sponsorship levels.

We believe that our Horse Angel Sponsorship program is an excellent opportunity to significantly impact the lives of rescued horses and support them in their daily care. So, why wait? Join us today to become an Angel Sponsor!

Methods of Sponsorship

‘Angel’ sponsorships can be made as a one-time annual payment. In addition to monthly sponsorships, this provides a flexible way to support our cause. Below is a list of the payment methods accepted for sponsorship, which we hope will help make the sponsorship process as easy and convenient as possible for you.

If you prefer to use our online processor.

Electronic payments such as Credit/Debit, PayPal, or Bank ACH are accepted.  The process we use is hosted on a 3rd party site called Givebutter.  There are variable fees depending on which method you intend to use.

Things to know about Givebutter's platform:

  • It allows you the option to cover transaction fees, and it is automatically selected for you to do so. However, if you'd like, you can remove the checked option and pass that to us.

  • it does not charge us a platform fee for the use of their site (provided we allow a statement to remain in the processor window, for a donor to select an additional amount to donate to Givebutter). Our monthly processor has this option removed so as to not cause confusion to our donors. Yes that now makes us cover a 1% fee which is not that bad for a processor.

Prefer to mail a check or bring cash?

Please make check payable to SWFHR and write the horse you are sponsoring on the memo line.

Mail checks or bring cash to our address:
14811 State Road 31
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Questions? Contact us at

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