Report Neglect

While neglect of any animal is a concern of this organization, the laws in the state do not offer anyone other than the individual county authorities to legally investigate, warrant, and seize from any privately owned land.

If any act of abuse is currently in the process of happening you should contact 911.  All other advisements of abuse should be reported to the local county Sheriff department for investigation.

How to Report Cruelty
Try to gather the following information before submitting a report of animal cruelty to authorities:

– A concise, written, factual statement of what you observed, giving dates and approximate times whenever possible, to provide to law enforcement.
– Photographs of the location, the animals in question and the surrounding area. Note: do not put yourself in danger! Do not enter another person’s property without permission, and exercise great caution around unfamiliar animals who may be frightened or in pain.
– If you can, provide law enforcement with the names and contact information of other people who have firsthand information about the abusive situation.
– It is possible to file an anonymous report, but please consider providing your information. The case is more likely to be pursued when there are credible witnesses willing to stand behind the report and, if necessary, testify in court.

Keep a record of exactly whom you contacted, the date of the contacts, copies of any documents you provided to law enforcement or animal control and the content and outcome of your discussion. If you do not receive a response from the officer assigned to your case within a reasonable length of time, make a polite follow-up call to inquire about the progress of the investigation.

With respect to the counties in Southwest Florida that we serve, the following information highlighted in red is provided.  If you need to make a report in any other county scroll through the alphabetical lists to view all county authorities within the state.

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