Seeking Sponsors for Hope’s Medical Barn

Why do we need a medical barn at South West Florida Horse Rescue facility? The answer to this question is simple. We take on severe cases of animal cruelty and neglect. When we bring these, often critical, horses to our Rescue we need a safe and secure place for our veterinarian and our volunteers to treat them. As the weather in Florida can be very unpredictable, we need a Medical barn to be able to address any emergency situation, on a moment’s notice, day or night.

We recently were faced with the difficult decision to euthanize one of our rescued Mini horses, Hope. Hope suffered a choke which turned into respiratory pneumonia. Hope may or may not have survived by having a suitable recovery area but it would have definitely made treating her much easier, while also making her much more comfortable. We have horses who suffer from hoof issues in the summer flooding. We urgently need to have a controlled environment for these horses. Dry stalls and dry turn out paddocks with electric/water on site to enable treatment is vital.

Although there are many reasons we need a medical barn, the main reason is that we pride ourselves in giving quality care to the rescued horses that are released into our care. By adding a Medical barn to our facility we are able to go a step farther in saving the lives of our local horses. Reaching our goal is not something we ‘may or may not’ do, it is something we ‘must’ do and we will do it for our local horses, horses just like our little Hope. Hope’s Medical barn will be built in her Memory.

We are accepting general donations towards this project as well as sponsors for this effort to help build a Medical Barn in the name of Hope.

General Donations are considered as either:

  1. Item donations to help us build this barn via material or services.
  2. Monetary donations to help us afford the materials to build this barn.

A Sponsors pledge is considered an investment in “Hope’s” Medical Barn.  Where your monetary commitment of at minimum $100 will not only help with costs but you will be entitled to an honorary mention of your choice on the dedication wall of this barn.   The honorary mentions available are:

  • Your company name
  • Your family name
  • Dedication in memory or in honor of


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