Hurricane Ian Relief

Hurricane Ian Relief

In the wake of Hurricane Ian and its destruction unrivaled in Florida’s history, SWFHR has made its facility available for Donation efforts provided by out-of-area resources.  Organizations such as Rainbows Edge Equine Transition Center (Greenville, FL), Nature Speaks, Inc. (Jupiter, FL), and the Clay County Fair Association w/ Clay County Sheriff’s Department (Jacksonville, FL) have brought supplies for SWFHR to distribute to our local community in need.  Organizations such as shelters and rescues have received assistance as well as private citizens.  SWFHR will continue efforts to provide assistance while we can.  Even after the government organizations leave.

memorial Dedication to rogue

Mirroring the community’s dedication to helping, we dedicate our effort to aiding our community as best we can, in honor of “Rogue”! If you’d like to donate to Rogue’s memorial you can donate through the button provided or read on about “Rogue’s” story

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The latest donation

Do you need help?

We suggest you contact us to see if we have what you need.  We will try to keep the inventories updated on this site but can not guarantee that.  We understand lines of communication have been spotty so if you show up during daylight hours our gates will remain open to try to help. All items leaving must be logged first.  We can provide items within reasonable limits, no one person will be taking all of the supplies.  We intend for the supplies to help for at minimum 1 week up to 3 weeks.  You may return when your supplies run out and we have what you need.

Horse items

  • Manna Pro Feeds
    • 12% Pleasure
    • Safe Performance Elite
    • Safe Performance Elite High Fat
    • Saddle Up 12-5 Textured

We have Hay.  It is costal hay 2 string.

Limit of 1 bale per horse per week.

Limited Medication you must ask us directly

  • Wound Ointments
  • Wound Dressings
  • Vet Wrap
  • Halters (used)
  • Hay Nets
  • Bedding (limited)
    • Flake / Shavings
    • Pelleted

Dog items

Lots of dog feed is left

  • Assorted Brands of:
    • Wet Food
    • Dry Food
    • Treats
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Waist Bags
  • Leashes & Harnesses
  • Toys
  • Food/Water Bowls
  • Bedding

Cat items

We are out of all CAT FEED! We do have other things cat related.

  • Harnesses
  • Toy's
  • Blankets & Bedding

Other Animals

  • Hog Feeds
  • Pig Feeds
  • Chicken Feeds
  • Goat Feeds
  • Alpacka Feeds
  • Rabbit Feeds
  • Cracked Corn

Human items

  • MRE's (limited supply left)

(2+) Pallets Bottled Water [mixed brands]

  • Disinfectant Cleaners
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Sanitizer Wipes
  • Body Wash
  • Cloth Towels
  • Cohesive Bandages
  • Toothpaste and Brushes

Some who we've provided Assistance to:

And many individuals so far.  Details will be listed soon.

Myakka City

Pine island


Rescue Cats Rock

T.N.R. for Fortunate Ferals


Good Morning, I came over and received cat food donations under Fortunate Ferals on Thursday. I fed 18 cats on Rt 31 by Civic Center on my way back into town Thursday. They were so very hungry. The feeder at this location left after the Hurricane. She says she is going back every other day to feed.They have all were previously spayed and neutered by Fortunate Ferals. I texed her to come by to S.W.F. Horse Rescue for some cat food. Also on my way back Thursday I spent the whole afternoon giving out all your donated cat food to the most needy in Suncoast Estates and some M.H.Parks that were flooded by the Caloosahatchee River in N Ft Myers. Many have 10 to 16 feral / semi ferals they feed out of their fixed  income. Thankyou to all your supporters across the country for sending cat food. Feral cats are the most forgotten. There are usually not one or two but a whole colony. Thankyou so much, to all who have donated. Sincerely, Christine G Volunteer

Aubrey (Student) @
Challenger Middle School

Peace River Campground

Can you Give Help?

Until further notice, we will continue to collect for distribution, donated supplies of any type of animal feed, medical care, and other helpful items such as bleach, soap, or water.

If you care to help with monetary support we are asking for gift cards to home improvement stores like HomeDepot or Lowe’s and grocery stores like Publix, Win-Dixie, or Walmart.  We can pass these cards out to needy families to offset repair costs.

Contact us with what you can help with!

Drop Off Goods

Bringing to us? Come out durring daylight hours at 14811 State Road 31, Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Donate Gift Cards

Don't want to send money? Can't bring items to us? But want to help?
Sending gift cards allows folks to get what they need with out the question of where the money is spent.

Donate to the Disaster fund

For the recovery of SWFHR's facility repairs and to be used to buy supplies or relief items.

Thank You!

SWFHR needs to thank specifically these entities for their monetary generosity through this time of need.

Fleet of angels

(Elaine Nash)

An approved mico-grant of $1,000 for: “hay fund and rebuilding supplies”

Equestrian Aid Foundation

An approved Disaster Relief Grant of $2,500.

Paying it forward!

SWFHR and our community can not thank these folks enough for their coordination and generosity during our time of need.

Rainbows Edge

Nature Speaks, Inc.

Clay County Fair Association & Clay County Sheriff's Department

Guardians of Rescue

Triple Crown & Purina feeds via fleet of angels

Clay County Fair Association & Clay County Sheriff's Department (Round 2)

Clay County Fair Association & Clay County Sheriff's Department (Round 3)

the United Cajun Navy
3x Donor

All Digital Technology

Fleet of Angels

SWFL Birds of a Feather Rescue

Love surrounds you & love that bulldog

The Pet Project (a Greater Good Charities alliance) via Fleet of Angels assisted by Volunteers of Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation

The Community Church @ Babcock Ranch
(Pastor Matt)

Volunteers of Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation
(Stephan & Vickie)

Rising Starr Horse Rescue, Wilton, CT (Kelly)

Herd Livestock LLC, OH
(Nate & Ashley)

Fleet of Angles, CO
Mylestone Equine Rescue, NJ &
Equus International Corp., AZ

Clay County Fair Association, Jacksonville, FL
(Round 4)

Clay County Fair Association, Jacksonville, FL
(Round 5)

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