Be a part of a rewarding experience and join our team of dedicated volunteers!

Complete your application below!

Paper Application Version:
We have opted to manage our data better by requesting everyone to submit applications through this form.  We do understand the security of information is a concern for many people.

If you would rather download and print a paper version of the application… click “The paper application” below.  After completing the application you can either mail, scan, and email or set up an orientation and bring it to us.  You will have to email us at to notify us that you are filling out a paper version and that you request an orientation date.


Confidentiality Statement:
Volunteer information provided to SWFHR is confidential, and will only be used for volunteer planning and coordinating purposes. We will not disclose or distribute any information contained in these records beyond staff management, as needed.

Applicants under 18:
Your parent/guardian must fill out the Guardian Section of this application. There will be a portion notifying you of this as you proceed through the questions.


Choosing a day:

  • This form provides you the ability to choose an orientation day that is suitable.   In the case where a planned orientation day falls on a holiday or one of our fundraisers, that orientation day will not be available to applicants.
  • If the days or time is not a reasonable choice for your schedule, you can request a special appointment day or time.  You must close this form and submit a direct email to with a request for a different time or date for orientation. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a day, it will be your responsibility to show up.  We will remind prospective volunteers of their scheduled appointment through multiple notices.

You are not required to start training after orientation but you may if you would like.  The bulk of chores will be done by the time orientation is over.


Policy On Age Ranges:
It is the policy of SWFHR to make it possible for all to give their time to a noble cause. But we do have a policy on age ranges which are listed below: If you are:

  • [1 – 11] –> Only if accompanied by a parent organization.. such as Girl Scouts or 4-H. As much as we appreciate the willingness we just don’t have the staff to maintain a safe enough environment for those under 12. Special conditions do apply.
  • [12 – 15] –> You must be accompanied by a legal guardian or someone identified by your legal guardian at all times.
  • [16 – 17] –> You must have a parental consent letter on file to perform volunteer activities without them present.
  • [18+] –> You are free to volunteer without restriction.


COVID-19… a concern not to be taken lightly, we’ve taken steps to reduce our staff and current volunteer’s exposure to new people, at least at our facility:

  • Masks are currently not a requirement but distancing is.  New volunteer training will still consist of pairing with an established active volunteer but the use of the same vehicle (riding together) is up to the active volunteer.  We only have so many vehicles.  This means provisional & candidate volunteers may need to walk to and from paddock areas.