Fancy’s Fund


AKA: Fund for Training


PURPOSE: To cover the costs of professional training expenses of any ‘Rescued Equine’

Established: August of 2016 in honor of She’s Sure Royalty RCN#0033 aka “Fancy”.  Dedicated to sending rescued equines to training, as Fancy was sent, which is the final transforming step in rehabilitation and preparation for adoption.  Although SWFHR had previously sent Trooper (another rescue equine) to training, Fancy’s remarkable difference after training was sure to solidify her chance for adoption.  After 4 years and a whole bunch of skittishness and anti-social behavior, finally Fancy had a confidence about herself and a dramatically increased level of respect for human interaction.  Even though professional training was an expense that seemed excessive to our operation at the time, we saw the extream transformation of a rescue we didn’t have the capabilities or experience to provide.

The Reason for the Name: August 19, 2016, a little over a month since the completion of Fancy’s training, Tina Garrett (Founder) went for refresher trail ride with the trainers and Fancy. Tina early afternoon and started posting updates about the ride with Fancy.  By this time Fancy have 4 applications for adoption since her training. Things seemed to be fastly approaching the chance for Fancy to find her forever family.  Evening feed started as normal with no unusual weather impending except for a mass of clouds way in the distance.  The horses stood in there spots as the normally did waiting for their turn for the feed cart to come by.  Tina Garrett was coming back down the driveway from feeding the “Front Paddock” and Matt Venaleck just started to drop feed in Paddock 6.  At this time Fancy was standing in a grove of trees as she always did when a stray lightning bolt hit the oak tree that she was under.  The rest is graphic details not need but to just know that Angels called her home this evening.  A note to be made about this evening… there was not another sound of thunder, a sight of lightning bolts or even rain the rest of the night since she was taken from this world.  As strange as that was she was buried that evening in “Jokers Field of Dreams”.  After a little bit of the dust settled from this horrific event, some of the volunteers for SWFHR started fundraising in honor of Fancy to replenish our training account.  Thank you was in order for, Sue Swink and all of our dedicated volunteers for putting together the fund for South West Florida Horse Rescue and what better way to honor our Fancy.

If you would like to contribute and help a horse on the road to a forever home send it to SWFHR marked “Fancy’s Fund.” Thank you

We will keep this fund going for the life of this Rescue and it will forever be titled, Fancy’s Fund. She must be looking down from Heaven right now and be smiling, knowing that she is still making a difference in the lives of all of her herd that she left behind.

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FY'18 Income & Expense chart

Raised = 2500 dollars
Expense = 10000 dollars
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