Cope Fund

Copenhagen EPM 2016

AKA: Fund for Medical Expense


PURPOSE: To offset or cover the costs of extreme medical expenses of any ‘Rescued Equine’

Created in 2016 after Copenhagen suffered a bout of EPM.  His medication costs exceeded normal expense rates that we were accustomed to.  After confirming Cope had EPM our veterinarian highly suggested the use of an oral paste medication called Marquee made by Merial.  The cost was $800.00 a month with the expectation of having to do this every day for 3 months totaling $2400.00 overall.  Be a non-profit horse rescue with an expense of this nature for just 1 of our rescued equines would strain a budget that is already at extremes.

After running a dedicated fundraiser (online auction) SWFHR was able to raise 80% of the funds and the remaining expenses were covered with direct donations. This made us realize the need for a backup plan to cover the costs of extream medical expenses.

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