Whether you have items, services, money, or time to donate… All are received with a great deal of gratitude.
Donating your time is more represented as Volunteering (however it is still donating).
Helping our mission does not always mean sending a check or PayPal.

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We rely on Donations.

Many think that we are funded by grants or the state… the truth is no.  We do apply for 1 grant a year and it only covers about 10% of the budget the rest is raised through fundraising or donations from giving individuals such as yourself.

Horses such as Trooper (seen here) need us and we need you!

Monetary Donations

Your financial support makes a significant impact on the Rescue’s day to day operations. We make it easy and painless for everyone to support South West Florida Horse Rescue.  We can process cash, check, credit, and PayPal.  Donating cash is very helpful, click “Learn More” to see how.

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Of course, there are many ways you can help without a monetary commitment… read on to see what ways those are.

Be a part of it all. Just a part!

Be a part of it all. Just a part!

Not only can we conditionally rehabilitate horses like Trooper with your direct donation but contributions to Funds like “Fancy’s” Fund (for training) helped improve his potential for adoption.

Helping the horses rescued and rehabilitating at SWFHR can be done in many ways. See how you can help.

Here are some other ways to help

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Phone In Credit

Making a phone-in donation credit is a great way to ensure your donation goes directly to feeding the rescues in our care.  Mostly this is done at Feed, Hay, & Veterinarian offices but phone-in credits don’t end there.  Go ahead surprise us.

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Items from our Wish list

Showing your support by purchasing physical items that are in need. Our wish lists will help you identify what we are in need of.

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Matching Gifts from your employer

In many cases, you can double, sometimes even triple, your donation with a matching gift from your employer.  Many employers offer philanthropic options to their employees.

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Volunteering Your Time

Your time is one of the most unrecognizable values that can be had.  Strength is in numbers some say. Being a part of our volunteer program at first, you may not see your value.  Make no mistake we value each and every volunteer regardless of expertise or amount of hours you can give out of your life.

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Buy or Sell though Ebay

Buying or Selling through eBay can help local horses.

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SWFHR Merchandise

Purchase and proudly wear or display SWFHR Logo’d gear.  Nothing better than a win-win by purchasing merchandise to raise funds but you can even advertise and get the word out about SWFHR

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Shopping Kickbacks

Whether it be local or online Shopping Kickbacks help.  Sometimes it doesn’t sound like much but, remember, that kickbacks values increase as the numbers of participants increase.

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Recycle Your Cans

Collecting recycle material has always been a steadfast way to earn funds and make an impact on the cleanliness of our local environment.  Through our ‘Recycle For Rescues campaign, we do monthly trips to the recycling plant to scrap mainly aluminum cans for much-needed funds.

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Social Media Fundraising

Fundraising through social media is becoming a constant norm these days.  Do you know you can create your own fundraiser for SWFHR on your Facebook page? Follow this link to fundraise on facebook for SWFHR –>


Platforms like,,,,, and many others are good sources to build a fundraiser for you favorite charity.

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