“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
~ Mahatma Gandhi ~
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.”
~ Anatole France ~
 “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”
~ Alan Alexander Milne ~
Adoption is not a spur of the moment thought.
Make the time to find.

General Information About Adopting

Adopting equines from SWFHR is the perfect opportunity to give love, where it is needed. While the amount of Time & Money behind owning, an equine are factors to be heavily considered when adopting.  We are looking for people with a sense of commitment that has been well thought through.  Our focus is the future of any equine we care for, ensuring that they never are subjected to any version of neglect or harm ever.

Adopting is about principle and not the path to an inexpensive purchase.  While our adoption fees are rather low, (as we understand the cost of rehabilitation will range way above average price points) we do this so we can open the pool of potential adopters.  Our screening process is quite rigorous and if there is heart involved it will be seen.  That pays much more than cash in our eyes.

Find one that completes you!

Find one that completes you!

Read more about our adoption details and process.  If you are ready click the button below to start your journey.

Let us just clear the field with a few obvious statements and conditional requirements.

  • We DO NOT allow any horse to be adopted sight unseen.
  • We DO NOT allow any equine to be adopted within the first 2 weeks of communications. (Basically don’t expect to show up with cash in hand, with a trailer, and have expectations to go home the someday with a horse.)
  • We do NOT discriminate against equine experience level however your commitment & willingness to learn plays a big factor with adoption approvals.
  • We do NOT reserve or take down payments to hold equines for adoption.
  • You will socialize with your potential adopted equine(s) as this is a vital step with adoption approval.
  • SWFHR has a standard adoption fee of $350.00 to be paid in full only on the date of transportation after adoption approval.  Adoption fee can be considered as a donation.
  • Should any potentially adopted equine be sent to official training while under the care of SWFHR, a training fee will be applied on top of the standard adoption fee.  (The training fee is a variable, depending on the amount of time any specific equine has spent at the trainers. The current rate is $600 per month of training.)
  • Adopted equines should not be pastured alone or without a suitable pasture mate unless approved by the Adoption Committee.
  • There are No Warranties. Any potentially adopted equine shall be considered AS IS, without guarantee or warranties of any kind, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Breeding, Selling, or Trading is NOT allowed under the Adoption Agreement.
  • SWFHR stays connected to our adopted equines and families, in the event problems arise we will always have a spot to bring the equine back to the rescue. (we have seen this a few times in our past with family matters that arise which change the dynamic of the equines future.)

The first step to adopting is to fill out an Adoption Contact Form.  This shows your intent or interest to us and puts you on our records which simplifies the rest of the process. After we receive this form, you will be contacted within 48hrs to either; arrange a visit to the rescue or notify you we don’t have an equine that fits your request and offer you to be added to our Looking List.

  • If there is no match we will hold your Contact Form for 1 month should you care to wait and see if we find an equine meeting your request over the course of this time.
  • After 1 month, we will discard your request unless otherwise requested.
  • We get calls all the time from people looking to re-home there equine(s) yet our capacity limitations are generally exceeded 98% of the time. The purpose of the Contact Form is to make it possible for the equines that we physically cannot take in have a chance of being paired up with potential adopters that may not find what they are looking for at our facility.

Once following through with a visit to the SWFHR facility… if you’ve found an equine you are considering to adopt at this point you will start the application process by filling out an Adoption Application.  Some key points to mention about the application are as follows:

  • You may board an adopted equine but note we will inspect the boarding facility.
  • We will perform a background check on all who have contact with the equine.
  • If not boarding an adopted equine, you must allow a property inspection for approval.
  • Currently, contracts are binding for a year.
  • We do not sell equines! We do require an adoption donation which can be deductible on your taxes to the extent of the law.

After your application, has been approved you will finalize things by completing the Adoption Agreement with SWFHR.

  • We do offer transportation for a fee above and beyond the adoption donation. The fee will be determined at the time of Agreement.

One (1) year after adoption you will be required to submit an Annual Health Update Form to SWFHR for review.

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