All things equine related for our community and abroad.  Here lies information “From the Horse’s Mouth” for you to better educate yourself and others.

Most information here in, is plainly related to equine life, care, and safety as published and posted by other prominent authors.  All source information will be provided so you may read or look further at a subject that interests you.

We make our best effort to provide corroborated information but by SWFHR posting the information contained below does not constitute in anyway our personal stance on any issue mentioned.  The articles listed are merely for education purposes of your own self though different sources to make a more well educated judgement about equine issues.

Test this Idea

Title: Head or Tail

the flip of a coin reviles one side or the other side just like the views about topics.  This is to engage the community about topics pertaining to horses.  Some viewpoints will be expressed however this is not to be considered as a righteous statement but rather one side of a coin.  Hence the title Head or Tail.  Almost every topic in life you will find their agreements to both sides, not pro’s/con’s not right or wrong but rather views on one side or the other of the fence.

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