How do Online Auctions work


*** auction address is

  • Items are donated to the SWFHR by individuals and local businesses.
  • SWFHR’s auction moderator “Tina Garrett” will usually offer a Sneak Peek album, generally a week or so prior to the event, to show folks some of the items that will be offered in the online auction.
  • Auctions will usually start on a Friday evening and run for generally 10 days and end on a Monday evening. This provides an ample amount of time for everyone to have a fair shot of making a bid.
  • On the day of the auction S
  • SWFHR also ask that you ‘share’ the event and invite all of your friends to participate.
  • In the Beginning, the items are listed (individually) on the event page with a picture, brief description of the item, the retail value of the item and a ‘starting bid’. When the auction begins, the bidding starts.
  • If you see an item you are interested in, you simply POST YOUR BID IN THE COMMENT SECTION under the picture of the item. Someone else will most likely outbid you by posting a higher bid in the comment section under your bid.  This goes on for the entire course of the auction so you have to keep up with the item(s) you are interested in, daily, to ensure you have the highest bid.
  • At the End of the auction, the bidding will stop promptly at the time listed on the event page and no bids will count after that time. The persons with the highest bid listed under each item and with the latest time stamp on their comment will win the item. The host will begin to organize the winners’ items and will send each winner an invoice so that payment can be made. Shipping, if applicable, is to be paid by the winner of the item. Pick up of items will be available for local folks (this is something that can be discussed between the winner and the host.) Remember, there are usually several bidders and only one host (sometimes 2) so be patient when the auction ends, the host is working very hard at this point to ensure all bids are in ‘on time’ and posting winners on each item.

These online auctions are a LOT of fun and very entertaining. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate and you are helping a worthy cause just by doing a little shopping.    All organizations are different but most have a PayPal address for you to make payment online. Checks can be mailed to the organization or payment can be made in person if picking up your items from the organization.  Again, all organizations are different but most are solely volunteer-based and ALL funds raised from these fundraisers go directly to the rescues currently in the Rescue’s care. These types of events are very beneficial to Rescue organizations as it helps to ease the financial burden of the mounting cost of animal rescue. It is a win/win for all involved and is a fun way to be a supporter of your favorite charity.

And always visit our event page… subscribe… and stay tuned for our next fundraiser.

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