Established 2010
Founded in North Fort Myers, Florida on February 21, 2010.
Relocated 2014
April 15th, 2014 relocated to our current location to establish a rescue facility.

Mission & Vision

Founding Principals

  • To not chase numbers rather focus on quality;
  • To refrain from following the typical molds and be different;
  • To not use donor funds for employee costs unless they are derived via a grant allocated for employees;
  • To not seek media attention unless they come to us.  Let our worth be our advertisement;
  • To not cold call or panhandle/beg for donations.  Offer a chance at something in return.


Dedicated to saving the lives of our local horses from abuse, neglect, and slaughter; by providing the best vet, farrier, and feed to bring these horses back to health in a safe and positive environment. With the community in mind, we strive to gain an excellent standing with all we come in contact with. Finding “forever homes” for these horses is our priority.


To make the lives of equines in our local region of Florida better off by educating our community, providing action when warranted, and advocating owner responsibility.


Compassion: No matter the situation we will always carry compassion towards equines. There will never be a day where any equine is mishandled, no matter its attitude or the situation.

Commitment: To the Equines and our Community.  We are in this for the long haul so to speak.

Advocacy: This comes in many forms but is very close in heart.  Speaking up and out for those who don’t have a voice, pushing leaders and lawmakers for change when possible, teaching people the effects of improper care and handling, and many more ways. Education fills the void of ignorance.


Southwest Florida is the geographic area we focus heavily on but that doesn’t mean we won’t help outside of our geographic area if we can.  With that said the situations that require our services of rescue & rehabilitation of equines as a horse rescue are focused on those equines that don’t already have a capable human owner involved.  More simply stated, we focus on equines involved in authority seizure and grave owner surrender situations.   This doesn’t mean we don’t attempt to assist others.


Horse before Human.


Over the years SWFHR has rescued horses that were considered a ‘throw-away’ in the eyes of the unkind and heartless individuals who owned them.   The idea of rescuing actually began in 2009 when founders Tina Garrett (Founder) & Matt Venaleck (Founder) recognized the growing need to help ‘local horses’.

The Beginning

Over the years SWFHR has rescued horses that were considered a ‘throw-away’ in the eyes of the unkind and heartless individuals who owned them.   The idea of rescuing actually began in 2009 when founders Tina Garrett (Founder) & Matt Venaleck (Founder) recognized the growing need to help ‘local horses’.  At the time, Tina & Matt had owned (4) horses, (3) dogs on (5) acres of land and worked for FedEx Ground delivering packages all over Southwest Florida.  Over the years they had taken in numerous abandoned and unwanted animals, both large and small.  They also donated to many national-level charity organizations through the years in their attempt to “do our part”.  Tina had written a letter to one of these charities stating “I don’t want the trinkets anymore please use my donation for the horses only”.  The next month her check was cashed and she received refrigerator magnets.  This disconnect from the donor was quite irritating, to say the least.  When they thought about it donors truly saw what their donations really did.  The thought was alarming especially when right out anyone’s back door there were horses in need.  When you would search craigslist you would find horses in abundance with a selling line of “don’t want it no more”, “just come and get’em”, or just plainly “free”.

One day while on craigslist Tina came across a listing for “Help Needed”.  It was an individual named Lisa who privately rescued horses and was looking for someone to help do the same.  “We did not know, how much we did not know in our early days but believed we could make a difference even if it was small”  so, they teamed up with Lisa with the intention of only rescuing (2) horses at a time.  Their thoughts were simple, these horses did not ask to be put in these situations, they did not have a ‘choice’.  The belief was that all animals should live happy, healthy lives and they were going to make sure that they could make that happen.


Community and more of it.  You will find most all we do is related to our local community. For this fact, we welcome inspection from our community of all we do. Our press releases below will advise every one of our doings.  We welcome the republication of our actions by our patrons as well as professional sources.  Media representatives may contact our PR representatives at for further information.

Press release

Awards & Recognition

Print Media Recognition

Video Media:

Print Media:

  • Elite Equestrian Magazine 2016 – “We will be their voice (view print)
  • The New Press April 27, 2016 – “Volunteers’ devotion to horses changes equine lives” by Tammy Ayer (view print)
  • The New Press 2012 – “12 Days of Giving” article written by Amy Bennett Williams (view print)

The Team

Reviews & Testimonies

We value input from our community. Good, bad, or indifferent it all matters.  We encourage those who interact with us to write a review.  This can be done on any of the major platforms, here are some:

If you’d rather we have our own review form that you can fill out with an anonymity option.

You can even email or mail us a note.  Make sure to specify (2) things; one identifying whether you’d like to have your statements public or not and two whether you want to remain anonymous.

Click here for all reviews of SWFHR 


Trust but Verify.  This is for those who heed this warning.  We very much believe all should do this with any organization, especially in the charity world. Some of the useable sources for inspection of a charity is through the IRS Tax Exempt Organization search engine | GuideStar search engine | Sunbiz corporation search engine

The links listed below are our legitimacy documentation as is made viewable for public inspection by the actions of transparency, a good practice of charities.


The Facility

** under construction

Affiliate Programs

These are organizations that we partner with for various reasons such as education, advocacy, exposure, and donations to our mission.

Homes For Horses Coalition

Member of and listed as (SW Florida Horse Rescue, Inc.).

Homes for Horses Coalition is a national coalition dedicated to increasing collaboration, professionalism, and growth in the equine rescue and protection community.

Fleet of Angels

Member of and listed as (South West Florida Horse Rescue).

Fleet of Angels is a grassroots not for profit organization that was originally created to get more at-risk equines rescued and adopted by making transporting them more affordable.

Helping Hooves Program

Recipient of and listed as (South West Florida Horse Rescue).

Helping Hooves Program is a program offered by The Horse Holster who believes in giving back to the community through various forms of support.

Partnered Links

In the spirit of the internet community and partnership of sources with affiliation to Horses or our organization we off a Backlink Partnership program.  If you would like to be a part of this program feel free to contact us with your request.  In return for partnering with a link on our site, these sites have offered some sort of sharing our link on their side.  These are not listing sites we’ve applied for.

*In no way should these links be a consideration of endorsement or identifying products we are using.

Bale Buddy

At Bale Buddy, we are proud supporters of all rescues who work tirelessly to provide shelter and hope for our four-legged friends. As such our feeders are always half-price to all registered farm animal and/or horse rescues and shelters.
SWFHR is listed on their "Rescue Buddy's" page.

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