Help us name our newest!

They are here!  On Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021, 3 new rescues “Richard, Sassy, and William” that were seized from a neglect and starvation situation in Nov. 2020 arrived.  Albeit they didn’t have any names initially, as there was no information about their past to come with them, the Charlotte County Animal Control gave them these names.

Considering their past we think it fitting to give them brand new names to go with their brand new futures.  We would love your help in choosing appropriate names for our boys.  If you’re new to our “Name Game” the rules are written below.  The goal is to aid with future care costs (i.e. gelding/castration, farrier work, and future training).  So for as little as $1 you can be a part of these boys’ legacy.

Participate and follow along with the charts below.  


$1 per vote per name game for each horse.  You do not need to vote for each horse (you can vote for only 1 if you’d like).  Choosing a Name: You may either choose a name from the prebuilt list or Pick your own name and write in a name by selecting “Pick your own” in the drop down menu.

The 3 games will run simultaneously for 2 weeks ending on Saturday, Jan. 23rd at 7 pm eastern.  At the end of the games, the name with the most votes for each horse will officially be their new name… shedding their past.  There is no limit to the number of votes cast for any of the 3 games.

Richard: 1.5 yo, Stallion
Sassy: 2.5 yo, Stallion
William: 8 yo, Stallion


The games have extended due to a technical error that led to the forms shutting down 2 days early.
Game Ends:


@ 7 PM EST

Sorry, the Name Game is over and the Votes are tallied!


Please allow up to 2 minutes for the charts to update.

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