2021 Year End Clothing order available

We are taking orders for our new Year-End Clothing until December 12th.  They should arrive at SWFHR by December 31st. Take a look, we have 6 variations of clothing with our “Arched Logo” on the front and “Rescue Strong & Horse Head shaped letters” on the back.  Some are cold-weather zip hoodies and others are T-Shirts.  Shipping options are available for a fee but are free if you pick them up at our rescue.  Prices are variable from $25 to $45.

It’s wintertime in Florida. Yes yes, we know northerners laff at us when we say it can be cold sometimes. So to service the need for those cooler days we are bringing back 2020’s winter zip-up hoodie a popular item last year.

Also in this campaign is a polo shirt for those who wanna be a little dressier at times. And of course T-shirts cuz hey, most of us live in Florida.

Versus last year’s campaign, we are adding our 2019 “Arched” Logo which doesn’t get used that often.

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