2021 SWFHR Hat order available

We are taking orders for our new hats until December 8th.  They should arrive at SWFHR by December 24th. Take a look, we have 6 variations of hats with our “Arched Logo”.  Some hats are structured and some are not.  Shipping options are available for a fee but are free if you pick them up at our rescue.  All hats are $25 ea.

It is about time we run another HAT order. Even though prices are rising everywhere we’ve decided to keep our Hat costs the same as in the past. Trying to make sure everyone gets a chance to get one of our hats. These hats are a variable assortment of brands. Some are structured and others are not. Do be sure to read before you place an order.

This time we’ve added some new options for our supporters and we are using our 2019 “Arched” Logo which doesn’t get used that often. So go ahead get one while you can heck maybe even 2 (one for special occasions and one for kicking around doing chores or yard work).

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