2020-02 Name Game

ANDY needs your help with a new name:

The “Name Game” will run for (7) days and end
Thursday, February 27th at 8 pm

We are ready to start our “Name Game” to give Andy a new name to go with his new life.

Your votes not only help us name our newest rescued equine, it also goes toward their intake costs like Coggins, Farrier, Feed, Hay, Intake Exam, Dental, & Vaccines.

Votes only cost $1 dollar, you can vote as many times as you like, on as many names as you like.

“Keeping in mind, it is up to all of you to give this boy a new name OR if you prefer Andy, simply vote for Andy”

Sorry, the Name Game is over and the Votes are tallied!

Name Game

If there is a “Name Game” contest currently going you will see it above.

From time to time we run a name game for new intakes with the intention that our community can be both a part of naming a new one and helping with the initial care that will be needed.  The way things work is rather simple… $1 gets you a vote for any name you want.  Yes, you can cast more than 1 vote. Yes, you can vote multiple times and for different names.  The voting is done by electronic payment through PayPal but we also accept checks towards the NAME GAME or donations directly for rescue care.  At the close of the contest, the name with the most votes wins.

We may be running a “Name Game” to raise funds needed for new intake care but if you would rather just donate for new intake care than participate in the “Name Game”, you can do so by donating to our New Intake Care Fund (NIC) Fund.

It is time to “Name the New Guy”

Andy’s story as we know it:  We were contacted 2-11-2020 regarding a situation out of Palm Beach County. Although we are bursting at the seams, we did agree to help by taking the little guy (with issues) that nobody wanted. Everyone involved just wanted to make sure he didn’t end up in the wrong hands. We won’t get into details as we were not there and don’t know the full story.  Here is the article from the News and you can read for yourself.


The little pony, known as Andy, was picked up on Wednesday, February 12th, by a trusted friend of ours and was taken to her barn to start good recovery care and to await his coggins results before transportation. His Coggins came back negative and now we are working on his transport to SWFHR. Andy got his feet trimmed Feb, 18th and has been on a nice diet of soaked alfalfa and small amounts of Triple Crown Senior. We will have Doc out to do his intake exam as soon as he arrives and we will need to address his dental issues asap.

As you all know, initial intake is very costly, that is where you all can help out. Our Name Game is really fun for everyone and it helps us to raise the funds needed for our new kids.

Our friend tells us, Andy is a darling little horse, calm and kind, lets give him a fitting name.

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