Help Is at the heart

Helping within your own community strengthens it.  We can make change easiest where we live first. Help comes in many forms. Your interest to help is a big factor in community.  We are community minded with much of what we do.  We stay local with our operation as much as possible. The way to fix problems is within and starting with our own community.  When you help us, you help your own community.  We admire you for that.

Being of service to others is what brings

true happiness.

Help the rescued

Equines that come through the gates at SWFHR need every imaginable form of help.  From financial assistance to aid in their recovery to just a loving touch from a caring individual.

Our Equine Rescue Program (ERP) represents the majority of our operation as stated in our mission statement (Rescue & Rehabilitate).  Inside ERP program exists The Fancy Fund (for training expenses), The Cope Fund (for significant medical needs), & The Joker Fund (for euthanasia & memorial services)

Our Equine Adoption Program (EAP) is also a part of our mission statement (Re-home).  Our adoption program has developed to be extensive, for good reason, over the years.

Sue (Volunteer) & Joker (Rescue)
Sue (Volunteer) & Joker (Rescue)


We are always looking for Volunteers to help with general labor, basic horse care, local events, fundraisers, etc. If you would like to volunteer your time to a rewarding cause or even to earn community service hours.

Click below to get started volunteering:


Adoption is in many way the end and the beginning for rescued equines. The end of waiting for a permanent family environment. The beginning of forever. Our adoption program has rigid expectations of potential adopters for obvious reasons.

Click below to learn how our adoption program process works:

Your sponsorship gives a sigh of relief from constricting financial burdens of day to day expenditures
Our mission only continues because of donations of time & money by people just like you.
We can make change easiest where we live first.
Helping within your own community strengthens it.
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